Homebuyer Training Program


If you are currently considering buying a home, Comprehensive Housing Resources education coordinators will assist to build a personalized homebuyer training session just for you ! There are many questions before, during and after the homebuying process that are sometimes difficult to comprehend.  Our lesson plans are easy to follow and the homework assignments will help to educate you about the homebuying process.
Some of the questions that you will obtain answers to in this course are:
1.  Are you ready to buy a home?
2.  What are the advantages of buying a home?
3.  What are the disadvantages of buying a home?
4.  Can you afford to buy a house?
5.  How to analyze your current expenses?
6.  What are the costs of purchasing a home?
7.  How much home can you afford?
8.  What is your Borrowing Power?
We have 2, 4 and 8 hour training sessions, depending on your needs.  Please contact our office to speak to an education coordinator. 

BUILDING YOUR BUDGET:  All of the programs Solstice Consumer Services administers require that individuals develop and maintain a budget in order to be able to catch up with their debt and/or pay their mortgages.  This is the reason why our Agency strives to assist you in developing a budget for your household.   Our housing counseling budgeting program is easy to follow and our counselors are here to help you.

CREDIT COUNSELING:  Anyone who has ever been denied credit understands how the lack of credit affects financial options and everyday life. Like most people, you probably want to someday own a home, buy a new car, or take your family on vacation. But, poor credit can be an obstacle to your ability to do these things.

Your credit affects many areas of your life. For example, your credit worthiness will affect your ability to purchase things you want or to get a loan from a bank. If you have a good credit record, you are likely to receive lower interest rates which save you money.

Some employers review a job applicant's credit report. Poor credit could mean that you are not offered a job. A potential landlord also may request credit bureau information for an applicant seeking an apartment. Landlords do not want tenants who are late paying rent.


Our qualified staff will assist you in determining the best options for you to obtain credit or repair your existing credit situation.  Counselors will work with you one-to-one to help you meet your individual needs.