The Federal government has allocated funding to help pay the mortgages of qualified homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed through no fault of their own.  The Florida Hardest-Hit Fund (HHF) program aims to assist qualified Florida homeowners by providing mortgage assistance for up to 12 months (capped at $24,000), or until the homeowners finds adequate employment to resume paying the mortgage (whichever comes first), with up to $18,000 available to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage prior to payments being made.  Additionally, for a homeowner who is recovering from unemployment/underemployment, up to $25,000 is available as a one-time payment to reinstate a delinquent first mortgage.


HHF assistance is paid directly to the loan servicer/lender for those homeowners deemed eligible to participate in the program. 


To find out if you qualify for assistance, please contact:


COMPREHENSIVE HOUSING RESOURCES is an approved Advisor Agency. 

After reviewing HHF Program benefits / guidelines and eligibility criteria on the official HHF website, you may contact us
for a pre-screening at 941-613-3244 Ext. 1773.

Hardest-Hit Fund

Principal Reduction Program (PR)


Population to be served:


Severely underwater, low-to-moderate income homeowners who have been consistently "current" on their mortgage payments. Hardest Hit Funds PR funds will be used to reduce the amount of their outstanding principal loan balance to an amount as close to 100% LTV as possible. The program will assist borrowers that are current, that had no 60-day late payments within two years of the application date and that has a current loan-to-value that exceeds 125%.


Use of funds:


Loan funds are to be used to help reduce the loan-to-value to an amount not less than 100%. 


Assistance Will Be Provided in the Form of a Loan.  A maximum of $50,000 is available to eligible homeowners. If the homeowner has been previously funded by HHF UMAP/MLRP or MLRP-only, the maximum assistance for all HHF funds (PR, UMAP and MLRP combined) cannot exceed $50,000.


The funds are used to reduce the outstanding principal loan balance to an amount as close to 100% LTV as possible and will be disbursed by Florida Housing directly to the loan servicer on behalf of the homeowner.  The funds will be in the form of a 0% interest, non-recourse, and deferred-payment forgivable loan which will subordinate to current mortgages.


The loan will be forgiven over a 5 year period with each 20% forgiveness occurring months 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 from the date the closing documents were executed. The terms may be different if the current first mortgage is a FHA, VA or RD loan.  The loan must be paid back if the home is sold or refinanced prior to the maturity date. Florida Housing will agree to subordinate the PR Loan for homeowners who refinance their first mortgage to receive more favorable loan terms. If a homeowner refinances their loan to consolidate debt or receives cash out, the homeowner would be required to repay the PR Loan according to the loan terms.








COMPREHENSIVE HOUSING RESOURCES is an approved counseling agency for these two progams.  These programs assist homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage or on the verge of foreclosure to mediate with their Lenders to find a suitable program to save their home.  Both programs require strict guidelines and personal and financial documentation from the homeowner.  All homeowers must be aware that the Florida Foreclosure Counseling Program requires an educational component that the homeower must participate in.  

These counseling services are FREE-OF-CHARGE to the homeowners.  Please call us at 941-613-3244 to request a program application.
A program application and required documents are needed from the homeowner prior to scheduling an appointment with the Intake Coordinator.